Wednesday, November 27, 2002

Listening to: Total - Sitting Home

Ugh! Cus that's what I'm always doing. . . sitting home! =) Sometimes, I feel like I'm never up-to-date. Especially when it comes to television shows and celebrities. So whenever someone's being talked about. . .I have no idea who they're talking about! For example, I never knew who David Letterman & Conan O'Brien were until I was told. =|

Oh yea, btw. . .Happy Thanksgiving to all ! As for me, I have plans to go to my big momma's house to grub. My brother's cooking! =) Too bad I don't know how to cook. =D

This is the first year that Thanksgiving is without Sue ! We miss ya lots, gurly !!

Monday, November 25, 2002

Saturday, we decided not to attend Alison's wedding. Instead, we went shopping instead. =| Well anyhow, all that I bought was a top and some Mudd jeans from Anchor Blue. Hmm, I heard somewhere that they made the sizes a whole lot bigger. They're trying to boost America's ego or something like that. It's making us feel like wow, we've actually dropped a size! I think that they made the clothes a whole lot bigger because it's sure hard to find stuff that actually fits.

Sunday, we headed up to Carrollton cus Tek was playing football against those Carrollton guys. So, all that I did was just sit around and chill with Davy & Chenda (not sure how her name is spelt). Afterwards, we went to get some Bubbletea at Lollicup. The guys can get really goofy! Well we didn't have no where to go so we sat and chilled there for a bit. I had my usual Thai tea drink. It's the best drink! hehe, well to me that is.

My birthday is coming up soon (11.30) and I don't have anything special planned. =D Welps, happy early 19th birthday to me. Woo hoo.